I am beginning a project using the Anybus device 7832 for communication between a Profibus PLC device and an Ethernet PLC (unfortunately I do not know the types of PLCs at this time).

From my research thus far everything is saying all the set-up is handled on the Anybus Network manager and as long as the I/O byte size is large enough the communication will work between the devices. I am confused however about 2 things.

  1. How are the devices able to be detected by the Anybus Network. From the tutorial video I watched on the HMS website it seems simply by plugging them into the Anybus device they will show up in the network tool without any additional addressing required. My previous networking projects with Profibus and Ethernet devices have not worked so easily so I am skeptical of this.

  2. How do the devices know where to point to send and receive the data. It is my belief that both devices will require a GSD/EDS file added to their configuration to allow me to set up an I/O address to point at for the data that is intended to be transferred, would that be correct?


Yes, you will need the GSD file for Profibus config and you will need the documentation for each device, because there is no general set up that works for all devices. The specific device docs will help you with addressing when you get them.