AB7956 CClink errors


Hi Brian,

I understand you are having some issues with your xgateway. I received the following request from sales.

“Anybus 7956. Can not get connected on the CCLink IE side.”

Can you provide some more info about the issues you are having?





We are able to read and write to the anybus from our Ethernet/IP side with no issues. The main issue we are having is on the CCLink IE side. We cant seem to figure out the proper way to read/write to it, and it may be one of several issues. The cclink ie documentation is very vague, unlike the Rockwell side which was well documented. We think the issue may stem from it not being set up properly in the Mits PLC. The config asks for a network and node number, but that doesn’t seem to directly correlate to the Mitsubishi plc nomenclature. We have a IQ-R plc with a CCLink IE card. Here is the settings we have in the anybus on the CCLink IE side. Do you have any basic example of how to interact with a mits plc? Thanks for the help!

anybus.hcg (4.78 KB)



I don’t receive to many request for CC-link and do not have any examples or more documentation then what is available on the anybus.com files and documentation page. What info does the Mits PLC ask for?



So you mean to tell me that you all sell a product that you do not yourselves know how to integrate? The documentation on the Mits side is insufficient. You should at a baseline be able to give us an example program, or have step by step documentation like you do on how to integrate with AB. I am severely disappointed in the lack of technical support on this.



I apologize for not having an example on hand you devices are designed to meet the spec of the protocol. Our experts on that protocol are not located in my office. I have reaching out to colleagues to see if they have any examples for this particular controller type but have not heard anything back yet.

In the mean time if you could provide me with some info on what you know you need to add it to your plc I can try and help get the info about the CC interface on the X-gateway.





I am still waiting for some more details from my colleagues but i was able to located this CC-link app note for setting the device up with a Mitsubishi PLC.