AB7957 fist time user need help with scan list setup

Please extend me some patience.

I am setting up AB7957 for the first time. I need some help with the scan list. I probably need more help than that but I’ll start there.

My first Device is an SMC Valve Bank. I want to use 96 inputs from SMC and 64 outputs to SMC.

Is there a manual that shows more detail how to setup the scan list?

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Hi @buckner46060,

Have you seen the instructions here?

First you will need to get the Ethernet/IP connection points from the manufacturer’s documentation and then follow the instructions in the link above. If you have any specific questions about those instructions, please let us know.


I have not see this. I will look thru it and hope it answers all my wildest questions

Thank You and Happy Friday

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I am still stuck in the muck.

I am trying to connect SMC EX600-SEN1 to the Ethernet/IP side of AB7957? Top Side is Ethenet/IP Scanner Bottom: CC-IE Field Bus

Below is my scan list setting.

I have confirmed via Ping that My AnyBus and SMC are on the same switch. The Switch is MOXA ESW400140.

As Soon As I Hit OK and it sends the Scan Setting, I get a flashing red light on MS

The SMC Solenoid Bank has 3 banks of 16 input cards and 8 Double Solenoid banks. There are no Diagnostic bits being used.

Is there a code to determine the error? The SMC solenoid bank is also indicating a communication error.

The flashing red MS light means there is a minor fault-

From the User Manual

Have you found the connection points? That is a critical first step.

Are the connection points the amount of data passing between the devices?

No, those are specific numbers that represent the type of Ethernet/IP connection and you need to get them from the manufacturer. They are usually somewhere in the User manual or other documentation and are required for establishing the Eth/IP connection.