AB9001 Profibus Configuration Error - PLC can't reach Anybus X-Gateway


Hello, I’m using an Anybus X-gateway modbus tcp client / profibus - AB9001-B (firmware 1.13). I’ve configured this module in my TIA Portal project using the HMSA1937.gsd file (v. 1.09) to talk to a Siemens 315 PLC via profibus. The profibus address of the anybus module in the TIA project matches the profibus address on the actual AB9001-B module configured using the anybus module’s webpage.

However I am getting a Profibus configuration error (twice flashing OP light) on the anybus module and when going online with my PLC I see an error stating that the PLC cannot reach the anybus module.

I am also getting a flashing red MTCP light, but I believe this is caused because there is no exchange of data on the profibus side?

Please advise, and thanks in advance!

AB9001 Anybus X-gateway Profibus Communication Configuration Error

Hello @ericbucklen,

Have you configured the Modbus TCP transactions for the device? You will want to first configure the transactions for modbus then used the configured IO size to add the device into TIA. Are you getting any errors on the plc regarding the communication to the device? If so what are they?

The MTCP led is only showing you status of the modbus master if it is flashing red it is indicating that there is a transaction error. You should be able to look at the Transaction monitor to see what transaction is in error.



We have configured the transactions (see photo).

The PLC simply has the Anybus module as red (can’t connect) and the only error/diagnostics we can get is a message that states “Not Reachable”

The transaction error is shown in the below picture.



Hello Eric,

To follow up here after our phone conversation, it looks like the issue is on the PLC side. The Transaction error on the gateway is from no data being written from the PLC side. Based on the error in the above screen shot and you explanation over the phone, where the IO size had changed, you were not writing to the module from the PLC side of the module. Once the PLC is talking it you should start writing on the modbus side.

Let me know if you run into any further issues.



Got it to work! Thanks for the assistance! The problem was that we didn’t have the PLC IO matching the transactions in the X-gateway module