AB9006 B to allen bradley plc error

I have a problem with our AB9006 anybus X-gateway.
i have put it on plc i/o tree but is giving me the (Code16#0128) Connection Request Error invalid input size.
i add it as generic ethernet module in the i/o tree as stated on one of the manuals but still having the same fault.
i add it as the ab9006b in the i/o tree and still having the same fault.
the input size i put is the total bytes in the maping overview.
still giving the invalid input size.

What are the input and output sizes you are using? Do you have a screenshot from the mapping overview? If you are adding it as a Generic Ethernet Device, you need both input and output (you can’t leave one 0). To get around this you can use the EDS file.

Did you download to the PLC?

thanks for the reply. I use the ab9006 eds and not the generic ethernet module.
I found the problem on my side. I counted the inputs and outputs and put the figures in the Reserved bytes, read bit transactions and Reserve bytes, write bit transactions. (under the ethernet settings) Thinking that is where to set the i/o size.
I put them back to zero and there is no comms fault anymore.

Great - Thank you for the update!