AB9006 EDS File for Firmware 1.13

After updating AB9006-B firmware to 1.13 Studio 5000 stop recognizing the device. EDS version 1.11 calls for Major version 1 minor version 9. Is there an EDS for Firmware version 1.13?


Version 1.11 is the version of the EDS file and works with firmware 1.13. What errors are you seeing in studio 5000?



Thanks for responding. Studio 5000 is presenting yellow question mark. The error is that device is firmware 1.13 and is requesting to register EDS. When EDS version 1.11 is inspected the device version is stated as Major 1 minor 9. This creates a version
mismatch between the EDS file device version and the actual version detected in Rockwell Software.


@JJ79MIRO, what is the error in the module definition? I would expect this to give you a CIP error code and a description. I have seen this EDS file used many times with the ab9006.

The version in 1.11 seen in the eds is the eds version and I believe is only close to the firmware version by coincidence.

You can also add the device as a generic module with input instance 100 output 150 and match the input and output sizes shown in the ethernet/IP tab on the configuration webpage.