AB9006 with Fanuc robot Ethernet/IP config

The robot still does not communicate with the heater. I have sent snap shots of the settings and the IO that was given to me by TCP.

If you have any ideas that would be apricated.

Can you show me the config in the Anybus?

Also, do you get any errors?

I have sent you a backup. And a snippet of the IP config screen.

X-gw009c.cfg (2.7 KB)

Just that the scanner is off line when I try to go on line.

It just says offline line. This usually means that a setting is not right. I can ping the unit just fine so I know I have direct connection.

Can we do a screen share with Teamviewer to go over this today?

It looks like you have all the correct settings, but I’m not at the lab so I can’t check the whole config file. I am also not 100% sure about the Connection Type setting (Run/Idle Header, Zero-length, modeless, heartbeat). Are you using the settings they gave you for those? Everything else looks perfect.

Yes I will be free to do this after lunch at 12:35

Just let me know when you want to connect.

Can we do around 1:45 EST?

sounds good

Just need an invitation

Can we do it now?

Can’t find your phone number

Here is my TeamViewer information to connect to my computer.


You can contact my IT Manager, he is working on getting you connected. His number is

Thanks again. The attached are pictures of the settings that got changed.