AB9008 Configuration




We use AB9008 anybus gateway. Do you have step by step or guide to configure modbus?
What is configuration at Modbus TCP menu?
Until now data can’t communicate


Hi @raq,

This device is configured almost entirely using the built in web server. You can use the IPConfig utility to set the IP address. On the product page, you can find the user manual for the AB9008 and IPConfig which go into detail about how to configure the device:


There is also a step-by-step guide for configuring the AB9008 with a Unity PLC if you look in the Application Notes section. Even if you are using the same PLC this has a lot of good information and relevant steps for any configuration.



The reference is not clear, such as configure IO Map. Please make detail step for AB9008 and also other equipments.
Communication setup was already done but takes time. If the explanation is complete then it will be easy to configure.
Thank you


All of the information to configure the device is in this document so you will need to refer to it:

On one side of the device (MTCP Client) you will configure the MTCP servers using the web interface. On the other side (MTCP Server) you will have to use another MTCP client or configuration tool to exchange data with the server.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions related to the configuration as described in this manual.