I was wondering if it was possible to have 2 stop bits with 8 data bits and even parity
Because in the Slave Devices Configuration i only have the possibility between these four choices:
8bit / None / 1
8bit / Even / 1
8bit / Odd / 1
8bit / None / 2
Thank you

Hello Phil,

I assume this is the ab9900, correct? I will need to check with the development team I am not sure why this is not already one of the options.


Hello Phil,

Looking into this further i think this might be a limitation for how data is sent over RS485 for mobus. Here is a screen shot of the specification found on https://www.automation.com/library/articles-white-papers/fieldbus-serial-bus-io-networks/introduction-to-modbus

It looks like the modbus spec limits it to 11 bits with no parity if 2 stop bits are used.