ABC3007-C as a Generic Ethernet Adapter?

Due to AB7007 and AB7072 now being discontinued… We are looking at the possibility of using the ABC3007-A for our Ethernet/IP solution to our controllers…

However, I haven’t been able to get the ABC3007-C to work with older versions of RSLogix5000 (v15, v19, ect). The EDS file in that situation isn’t much help.

In the past with the AB7007 we setup the device as a Generic Ethernet Adapter which worked fine. Is this possible to do this with the ABC3007-C? If so how?

Title should say AB3007-A.

Yes, this is possible using the same Connection Points that you used with the Classic Communicator.

Input - 100
Output - 150


If a Config instance is required use 1 with size 0.

Confirmed. My issue was related to the ABC3007-A having QoS where the AB7007 did not.
Once i updated the firmware on my 1756-ENBT/A to deal with known QoS issues it started working fine.

Thanks @Zac_M!