ABIC-EIP communication with Studio 5000


I have a AB6003-b(ABIC-EIC) embedded module that i’m trying to connect to Studio 5000 over Ethernet/ip.

I have downloaded the correct EDS file, but am getting the error as the attached image describes (Invalid input application path). When i create the module with the right EDS, it also only creates a boolean called I.ConnectionFaulted and no IO’s? Can you guide me in the right direction on what to do?

I’ve also tried connecting with just the generic ethernet module - but no luck.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards’

Hello camowich,

Thank you for using our forum. Due to the nature of this request and to better assist you with the troubleshooting of this issue please create a support ticket using our support portal.
https://support.hms-networks.com/hc/ .