Able to duplicate WAN on Flexy205 router

Is it possible to open up one of the available ports on a Flexy205 router and use it as a duplicate WAN. We are to provide an internet connection for another device without disrupting the LAN side (and to avoid running another plant cable/add a separate router).


You can setup the Flexy to have multiply ports configured as WAN, but it will just like having a 2 port switch on the WAN network. The ports cannot be configured individually for different IPs or networks.

Thank you Zach,

Do you have a link to the tech note for programming the 2 port as WAN so we can try it and see if it will work for this application.

Thank you for your continued support.


You just have to run the system wizard. In the last section of it you select which ports will be WAN ports. This will be indicated by the port turning red. in the wizard.

Hi Zach,

I attempted to run the systems wizard and got to the section to select the port. Port 4 was red, ports 1-3 were green. I clicked on port 3, it turned red, and loss communication. I am no longer able to see the Flexy router over the via eCatcher/eBuddy.

I have attached a photo of the router that I received from my end customer. I did have them swap the yellow ethernet cable from port 4 to 3 with no change in communications.

I am waiting for them to get back to site tomorrow to further troubleshoot the connection issue.

Let me know if you have any other insight on this issue.



Hi Jason,

It looks like we would need a backup for the ewon to check the event logs and see what errors it has. Changing ports should not have the device just go offline unless IPs were updated. This can be done using ebuddy and selecting backup/restore while checking the box that says include support files.