AC Cloud control does not show current status for Fujitsu

I have two FJ-IR-WIFI-1NA connected to Fujitsu ASU7RLF1 mini split units. the app works fine in terms of control the unit: turn it on/off, adjust temp, etc. The problem is when the unit is turned on/off by remote control, the app doesn’t show the change. interestingly sometimes after remote control made a change such as temp, fan speed, etc. the app starts showing the unit status. Need your help to figure it out.



Due to the IR communicaiton method, real time updates from the remote and AC are not consistently.

Do have the placement set up as outlined in the installation guide?

It is possible there could be some interference with the IR signal.


Has there been any update on this issue?

Thank you Kevin for the information!

The set up was per installation guide. issue still exists.


Is the Intesis Unit within the reception field of the IR remote? THe AC itself does not send the signal unprompted. The Intesis unit and remote send an the signal and the AC responds with what the units need. Often times if the information does not get updated, then the Either the intesis unit does not see the command from the Remote.

my Intesis units are mounted on the wall right next to the AC unit. it appears the Intesis unit is not very sensitive to remote signal. i think when i point the remote direct to Intesis unit at a short distance the Intesis respond most of the time. But when not directing pointing at Intesis unit, AC units responded with no problem but Intesis unit failed to respond from time to time.

Hello Simon,

I would look for a clear line of site with the Intesis Unit, and see if there is anything around that could deflect the signal or impede it.

yes i did that it’s right next to the AC unit remote control signal receiver. it’s just not sensitive enough to catch signals like AC unit does.

Now another issue: there are no light on the Intesis unit any more! even though it still works but no lights at all!

and another issue with the other unit: i am getting this message. it appears before for both units and i changed the type to the correct one and it was all good. now i am getting this although the setting it correct. don’t know how to get rid of it?!


You may need to reconfigure the IR remote with the Intesis Unit. This could be the root cause of the connection not working fully.

I did reconfigure the IR remote and it’s still the same. plus this error only shows for one of the two units.

to tell the truth I am frustrated and very disappointed about this product! Bought two units, one didn’t work from the beginning and have to be replaced. now both of them sort of working but with multiple issues, God knows how long it will last. This is a very expensive unit to begin with: $200 a piece! To be honest i couldn’t believe it’s a $200 product when i open the box. it looks cheap and not very well made! I will definitely not buying it again!