Access Ecatcher Cvia OpenVPN

Is there any way to use an OpenVPN client to access the Ecatcher connection? All of our company software is used via VMWare, and on the host I’d prefer to use Linux if I can still access the machines, remotely.

I would also love to be able to use Linux to access Ecatcher, but at this time that is not a possibility. We only have the Windows client. The only option is to use Windows as a host for a Linux VM and share the connection, which unfortunately isn’t a great solution.

You can set up your own OpenVPN server and that will work with the Ewon products, but you have to host that yourself or on another cloud service like AWS or Azure.

Thank you for your reply, @kyle_HMS. That’s unfortunate. Are there any plans for a Linux client in the future? I simply don’t have the additional time required to host my own OpenVPN server.

I’m not aware of any plans at this point, but I will check into it.

The closest thing we have right now is the Android App. I’m not sure if anyone’s tried running that on a Linux distro yet.