Accessing Ewon files using FTP


our client IT requesting for " access path (folder location) to all the files listed here. I need it to access the files and put them on ftp."

Hi Dhaval,

These files will all be found at the root of the device’s storage through FTP. Note that these aren’t real files on the Ewon (they’ll all have a size of 0 bytes), but when downloaded through FTP the Ewon will generate the file requested.

can you advise how shall we access files and how can we copy to FTP any documentation?

When connecting to the Ewon via FTP, the files at the root of its storage can be downloaded normally to obtain historical logs, a backup, config files, etc. There is also a folder, /usr, which contains normal files uploaded to the Ewon or generated by the Ewon, which can also be downloaded via FTP.

Please see below reply from the IT
" if using putftp command what is the location of the files. I would like to upload them not download"

If you’re using PUTFTP on an Ewon, the first argument is the location on the destination server, while the second argument is either a string (which will be the content of a text file sent to the destination server) or an Export Block Descriptor. EBDs are a way to export data from an Ewon, and you can read more about them here: Export Block Descriptor | Ewon Developers

For more information on PUTFTP please see section 3.63 of the Basic reference guide.