Accessing gui through WAN port


If I have a Flexy205 that is connected only through a cabled WANport (port4),
shouldn’t I be able to bring up the gui from this flexy from a computer in the same network?


The gui can only be access from the WAN side though Talk2m. Otherwise you have to go through the LAN.


So if My Flexy is set up with a local IP address of, can a PLC connected to another of the Flexy’s LAN port have an address of ?
If so how do I set that up?


Testing we have found you can access the GUI on the WAN by changing the security settings.

If you go into the COM cfg and change the following settings:

FWRDtoWAN set to 1
NATITF set to 3


If I change that while I’m remotely connected using ecatcher, would that cut me off?


You will have to reboot the device after changing the settings.