Adding Grouping Parameter to EDS file

Hi, I am attempting to add [Groups] section onto my EDS file which works with the Configuration and Parameter Tabs to allow the user to view all the applicable parameters or only the parameters associated with a group.

An example of the section is shown below:
Group1 =
“Flow Sensor”,

Is there any specific configuration that I have worry about doing in the CIP objects or Assembly Mapping object to configure this. Basing my references from the AnyBus Networking Guide.
Anybus Networking Guide

Any Help or response is appreciated.

Here is a sample of of an EDS file that with grouping that I am attempting to recreate.
SampleEDSFile.eds (114.4 KB)


Hi @WillyGoodman,

This is not something I have any details on right now. This might be something the CIP spec may be able to help with.

Can you share any details on the company or project this is associated with?

The most I can share details about the company and project is that the company is attempting to use the Anybus CompactCom B40 Brick module for EtherNET/IP on their product lines; part of their design is to make sure that their EDS file has grouping available which is needed for their next efforts to work with Rockwell Automation to create Add-on Profiles. This grouping section on an EDS file allows users to use a pulldown on the group to show view specific ADs and their instances instead of only having a large list of AD.

My Main question is, would I need to reconfigure the code bases of the Host application, or is manually adding the Group Section onto their EDS file okay?

I can share the Current EDS file and their code via email as further explanation.

Thank you!

Hi Willy,

My initial though is that nothing would need to change in the host application, unless it uses a feature not build into the compactcom. Do you know what type of EIP/CIP messages are invoked by using groups? This might help us sort out if changes are needed.
I am not finding too many details on the group section in the EDS myself.
What are you referring to as and “AD”?