Addressing a single bit in a 16bit word

Hi, I have two 16 bit words, where every single bit of those words represent a discrete alarm. i need to relay those as SMS massages via Ewon. How do i define a Tag witch addresses a single bit in those words?

My PLC is Siemens S7-1200 1214 DC DC DC, i’m using Tia portal 17.
in my program i can use an “INT” data type instead of word, but not a “BYTE” type.

thank you for your help.

When polling a tag with the S73&400 IO server, you can read a specific bit by appending # and then the bit number to the address. For example, I5#2 will read bit 2 from the byte at address 5 in the discrete inputs zone. This will work with any memory type except a counter or a timer, so it’s fine if your program is using integers.

You can read more about addressing for all of the Ewon’s IO servers in this document:

Information for S73&400 can be found in section 11, starting on page 51.

Can you please provide a specific example with the two words i marked in the data block?
How do i poll bit 12 from word “Alarms(1)” in the Ewon tag editor? what would be the exact syntax?
Obviously i’m doing something wrong here…

You can only poll bits 1-8 from a byte. If you need to poll bit 12, you’ll need to move to the next byte. Can you try DB17B39#4 instead?