Addressing ETH Ac unit - Mits

Hello, I’m having trouble accessing the ip on board the ETH Ac unit bacnet card for a Mitsubishi unit. Any help on this?

We have two types of Mitsubishi to BACNET IP/MSTP devices. Do you have the Order Code?

For example:

INBACMIT001I000 Mitsubishi Electric Domestic, Mr.Slim and City Multi to BACnet IP/MSTP Interface

INBACMHI001R000 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FD and VRF systems to BACnet IP/MSTP Interface

Both use the default IP address, but the web tool is only accessible if you put switch
SW3 P1 ‘ON’. You will also need to make sure that your PCs network adapter is in the same sub net, for example, set to If the IP address has been changed, you will need to make sure you are in the same network. See page 55 of the User Manual for more info.