After Power -cycle Talk2m needs to connect manually

With our device, a safety controller, user needs to power-cycle or restart the device after configuration download. This causes the USB port to be reinitialized. When this happens, I was not able to get the Task2M to automagically reconnect the USB port. I always need to reconnect it manually. Is there any fix for this?

Can you provide a backup with support files of the unit?

Will do

Thank you. I will continue to monitor this topic


Is the USB added within eCatcher? The USB on the unit is initiallized when the device is powered up. After the PLC is rebooted from the configuration, does it begin it’s communication?

Yes, When our controller is rebooted, it re-initializes low-level USB comm. A green light on our controller indicating that it occurred goes on.

After that, the controller waits for the PC application to contact it and does not emit any USB packets. Because eCatcher does not automatically “connect” the port, the PC application cannot initiate communication until the user clicks on the “connect” link in eCatcher.

When our controller restarts, the USB port disappears in eCatcher, but then reappears in a disconnected state.


I checked the configuration and found that there is no setting restart the USB.

I have escalated the issue.

Hello Rob,

Did you get my response from the escalation?

Banner tested this, but the controller needs a DI to turn on in order to complete the connection. Can we script the DO on the Cosy?


If the device is a Cosy, we can’t do any scripting on the DO to toggle the communication.

Any additional action items?