Air Compressor Anybus Config


Good afternoon,

Corix has responded with an attached video showing the lights and blink pattern on the anybus module and the log file.

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Hi Charles,

So we still have a subnet transaction error, but we also don’t have an EIP connection to the PLC.

Are you using RSLogix or Studio 5000? How did you add the Anybus module?

Here is the EDS file you should be using: hms-eds-abc-eip(1).zip (7.3 KB)

Do you have the user manual for the air compressors that shows the Modbus (serial) commands? I think it’s going to be necessary to review those in order to make sure we eliminate any errors.



Hey Kyle,

The PLC is using RSLogix. We added the anybus module to it by copying the one that was already in place for the first air compressor and changing the IP for the second one.

You’ll have to forgive me, this is my first time working with Anybus. What is the EDS file used for and how do we apply it?



You can import hardware device profiles into RSLogix using the EDS Hardware installation wizard. If you have the AB7007, it would look like this:


What’s the serial number of the device? What version of Anybus Configuration Manager are you using? (Go to Help/About)


Good morning Kyle,

The version of the software we are using is

I have the serial number of the anybus communicator is 00023DFD.

I have a question about the hardware installation through RSLogix. We already have a working module for the first air compressor which we copied to create the new module for the second. Would that not be adequate for the hardware device profile?



Try deleting it and recreating it after you have installed the EDS file. Make sure it shows up as AB7007 under the HMS devices like in the picture above.


Good morning Kyle,

After working with Corix on the EDS file they were able to import the profile, but when they tried to recreate the module for the second anybus they kept getting an error. The error is Code 16#128 Error: Unknown type. Is there something specific that we are missing?

Also I was able to get them to run a cat 5 down to the basement with outbound network access, so we can get a laptop setup down there for you to teamviewer into and check the anybus directly.



You need to make sure, if you are using the one port (AB7007) to use this setting:


and if you are using the 2 port (AB7072) to use this one:




Can you give me better instructions? Unfortunately neither the techs out at Corix nor I have ever had to incorporate a new module into RSLogix before, so we’re kinda hitting a stopping point here. The EDS file was imported, but we’re stuck on the rest.



What version of RSLogix 5000 are you using?

Is the AB7007 showing up like this when you go to “Add Module”?


Hi Kyle,

According to Corix they are running version 17.2 of RSLogix. They stat that they do not see the module that you have in your email when they go to add a module.



That’s an older version but it should still work. They need to use the EDS Hardware Installation tool in RSLogix to import the AB7007 EDS file before it will show up as an available module: hms-eds-abc-eip(1).zip (7.3 KB)

After that they should see the AB7007 show up like in the picture above:

They need to make sure the input and output size is correct.

If they are having issues with that then they should call us at 312-893-5636 so we can help them troubleshoot it.



Hi Kyle,

We did walk through the installation of the module through the tool, and he does state that the first Anybus controller no longer shows as an unknown Ethernet device, however he still doesn’t see the AB7007 profile. I will forward the number you provided, it’s possible they’re just looking in the wrong location.



He will also need to delete and re-add the device in RSLogix.


Hi Charles,

I worked with Jared this afternoon and we got communication fixed between the controller and the Anybus. There ended up being an I/O mismatch that needed to be fixed. As far as the serial side goes, there’s communication and we can see the data going between the compressor and the Anybus. Let me know if you have any other questions for me.