Alarm Ack from ViewOn


How do I acknowledge all eWON alarms with a button in ViewON?


Hi @Grant

This could be done through basic, but may be a little more involved with the code depending on how many tags you have. How many tags are you using that can get into an alarm state? From what I’m thinking right now you could do a few If statements to see if the tag is in an alarm state with the ALMACK function (alarm acknowledge)

See page 24 and 25 of this doc:
RG-006-0-EN-(Programming Reference Guide).pdf (865.6 KB)


Hi Tim

The alarm tag count can vary, from less than ten to 40+.

Generally, acknowledging them individually is time consuming and not often a requirement.

I would look at an eWON tag that would be set by ViewON. This tag would trigger the code to acknowledge all tags.

I guess a generic loop to test all tag alarm states could be done ( I would need your help here!)

Is there no ACKALL function or SYS that can be used?




Hi Grant,

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t a way to acknowledge every tag. I can try and write up an example that should give you an idea on how to set this up though.


Hi Grant,

Here’s an example with 2 tags that should be useful for you

Onchange “ackall”, “@Acknowledge_All()”

Function Acknowledge_All()
check = Alstat “test”
If check = 2 Then
Almack “Test”,“adm”
Print “test is acknowledged”
check = Alstat “Analog_Example”
If check = 2 Then
Almack “Analog_Example”,“adm”
Print “Analog Example is Acknowledged”

Let me know if you have any questions


Hi Tim

Thanks for the example, I will put it into one of my eWONS and see how it goes.


Grant W McLean


Hi Grant,

After you make your function for all of your tags, you should just need to create a tag called ackall, and then you can make a button in viewon that will write a value to that tag. Each time the value of ackall changes it will call that function that acknowledges all of your tags