Alarm Email Issues


I recently set up alarms to be sent to an email address when one of my tags hits a certain value. Our program currently has the tag as a Boolean value - when it changes to 0, an alarm email should be sent. We have it cycling every 15 minutes between 1 and 0, and I get a new alarm email every 15 minutes, but the date and time still shows from the first time the alarm was triggered. I rebooted the Flexy and it refreshes with the new date and time, but only for the first alarm.

Is there a setting I need to change to make sure the correct date and time is reflected in my email subjects for the alarms?

Hello there,

Are you acknowledging the alarms before the next one is triggered? If not, this may be why the date and time still reflects the first alarm (until the device is rebooted).


No I have not been acknowledging the alarms. Is there a way I can have it do that automatically so I don’t have to go in and manually acknowledge each time?


Hello there,
@asdHMS is correct in stating that the alarm needs to be acknowledged in order to update the
time in the email. The issue you are facing is because you are never acknowledging that the first
alarm occurred. As such the eWON is still trying to let you know that the first alarm happened.

Luckily we can automatically acknowledge the alarm as long as it returns to a non-alarm state value.
All you need to do is load up the tag and in the same location where you configured the alarm, select
the checkbox labeled Auto ACK on RTN. This will acknowledge the original alarm.

Can you give this a shot and let me know if it helps?

Hello, I had a similar problem when sending alarm emails. I found the time on alarming email is also the same as the first alarm even if I acknowledge the first alarm. In my test, the value first passed HI alarm. I acknowledged it and the value continued to increase and pass HIHI threshold eventually without RTN.

So I suspect that in order to get the correct time, two things have to be done (1) acknowledgement (2) the tag value has to return to normal between different alarms. Is my understanding correct? And is there a method to get the correct time in the scenario I described? Thank you!