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Is it possible send out multiple tag values in an alarm email when a single tag triggers it? I’m trying to do this through the Alarm email template but not having any luck. I was trying to avoid writing another script at this point. Thanks!

You should be able to include something like this in your email attachments


If you want only specific tag values instead of all tag values, you could try separating them into groups

Here’s the EBD helper that explains what the above attachment is grabbing

That ebd tool is nice!

I’ve been able to pull some data using ebd, but it comes with a lot more than I need. I just want the current value of a single tag but I get a time stamp with it and more. Is there a way to strip that out to only have the tag value? My goal is to send an email on an alarm, and in the body of the email include an alarm code provided by another tag.

Unfortunately without additional coding in either BASIC or JAVA, you’ll be limited to what the EBD offers. There isn’t a way to call tag values in am email body without doing this through Basic. I do have some code that shows how this is possible included below though:

Sending Emails with a Flexy.docx (433.3 KB)

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