Alarm setup for sms to display value


how can I get my sms to display the value of the tag in alarm? I tried checking the SNMP box and reading instructions and nothing is working, or it is on one of my machines but not the others.


Hi Lucas,

Is this being done through SendSMS in Basic or just through the alarms? Also could you send us a backup with support files for each of the devices trying to send sms texts so we can try and debug what’s different between them?


Good morning Tim and thank you for the response.
I have solved the issue, it was a couple of things causing the problem.
My task with these eWONS has been to build a system that collects data, end users have been setting these up in the field so for me to track what may have been done to each eWON is one heck of a task.

The problem was the template under system/main/general/alarms either had something in there an actual template of sorts or some cases spaces, after I cleared all templates and updated the changes including the SNMP check box my value was displayed for that tag, so long as historical logs where checked too.

Can you explain to me what the OID is? I have a ton of documentation but everything seems to skip past a detailed explanation of it.


Hi Lucas,

I think this gives a good breakdown on how the Object ID works: