Alarms are not raising to send email and SMS

Customer was testing the email and sms notifcations, when he found that he wasn’t receiving any. We performed a screenshare and review the settings, and found they were accurate. However when we went to create a test alarm, we found the alarms were not being generated in argos. We flahed the firmware, reviewed alarm configuration, and toggled the Digital Input multiple times. The alarm did not show on the dashobard, or within the history of the device.

We will be escalating this issue for developer review.

I assumed (incorrectly) this was fixed when I got all the alarms from Friday Saturday morning. I just had the customer go out and put the Generator on off, it gave no alarm, though it did show on the dashboard. How is this ticket coming??

Hello Fred,

I am still working on this issue.

When you said you recievved the emails the next day. Do the device show the alarms in the history? When did you raise the current gen alarm?

Hello Fred,

Would you mind emailing me your account information for your argos and netbiter. The developers may need to test the issue themselves.

You can email this infomration at

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moved to whisper

Yes, they are still there. I acknowledged the relay one you added, and got the text and e-mail. Thinking it was done, I removed the alarm trigger, and synchronized the unit. The ability to acknowledge the rest was lost in sync’ing it. When I tried to swap the settings to my customers phone and email, we tested it by taking it out of auto, into off. I showed on the dashboard, but never in the alarm history, nor gave him any alerts. I put my phone number back in to monitor the progress, and re-added the relay alarm trigger. All the work with the customer was about an hour ago, 2:30 ish.

Any progress?


I just recieved a response from our team.

They stated that frequent alarm raises will cause the notification system to not send out emails and SMS due to spamming. The threshold is about 4/hour. Trying raising 1 alarm and wait for a notification.

I received an alert when I told it to acknowledge your test (bottom right of Alarm Log2) The problem isn’t in sending the alerts, it’s that the unit never logs the data. If you watch the log, it only changes when Belgium goes in there and “tickles” something. I’m 200 miles away, I can’t go out and keep setting individual alarms. You have the test relay, flip it, and see what happens. But if you look at the data and the log, you’ll see the log never updates.

And 4 per hour would be nice, my last alert prior to my acknowledgement mentioned earlier was Sept 6, when Belgium played with it to fill the log.

Just for record, which is the Test relay?

I will update Belgium and do some testing myself later today.

The one you built in the first time I called you. A di or do relay, built in the unit.

September 20

Just for record, which is the Test relay?

I will update Belgium and do some testing myself later today.

Hello, It doesn’t look like the test relay is set to be logged. I do see values being logged but i did not see any of the values change. They continue to remain 0.

I do see values in the system, but they are not being logged on the dashboard. Can i add a value to the graph to see if it gets logged?

Do whatever you need to do, My customer is waiting for me to tell him it’s useable.


I did some testing on friday and found that I was able to raise the alarms, and lower them

I did check the device today, and found that it is logging the alarms that occurred on the 20th.