All stripes are constantly orange on Ewon

Good day Ewon team,

We have recently delivered one of the vessels from Netherlands to Maldives. Vessel is equipped with Ewon and local Dutch simcard was installed. Ewon was tested in Netherlands and everything was working well. In the E-catcher I can see the serial number of the ewon and local Dutch simcard. Uppon delivery of the vessel, cleint informed us that all stripes are orange, and in the e-catcher vessel is always offline. We have checked and found out that local provider in Nertherlands is not working in Maldives and we asked our client to change the simcard from Dutch to local. This was done but no result. Still no no signal, and vessel is offline. Do we need to reprogram the Ewon when we replace the simcard? In the Ecatcher I see the details of the ewon like serial number and simcard number, but button modify is not active for me. Maybe no sufficient rights?
Kindly advise

Hello @Vyacheslav,

Has the team in Maldives run the internet wizard on the ewon web interface after changing the simcard?
No reprograming is need if you are just changing the simcard, but you will have to run the internet wizard again and input the right APN and other credentials required by the local provider.

Also, the ewon is showing offline on your eCatcher because most likely it doesn’t have have internet access at this point; which means that the new simcard hasn’t been successfully installed yet. Running the internet wizard again will definately help.


Good day Juliana,

We have installed config and T2M files via SD card on Ewon, but nothing is happening. Led stripes are still orange and not changing to green. Can this issue be related to the firmware of Ewon? We are using eR12_1S0_arm_ma.ebu.
The APN of the new installed sim card I have entered in Config file. The T2M file contains the activation key, which connects the module to eChatcher.
Would you be so kind to advise?
Also can you please explain what you have suggested previously about internet wizard?

Many thanks in advance,

Firmware that we use 12.1S0

Hello @Vyacheslav,

Yes your firmware version is very old, so you will have to perform a pivot firmware update before you are able to use the setup wizards on the web interface of your ewon. Please create a ticket at our Technical Support Portal so we can send more instructions and help you further.

Thanks in advance,