Allen-Bradley CompactLogix L24ER MSG through eWON NAT

Hello! We recently installed an eWON Cosy 131 and enabled NAT 1:1 for communications from the PLC to a PC for barcode data. The MSG instruction fails to open the socket. Currently, we’ve bypassed the eWON by putting the PLC directly on the plant network and it works now, however this is not ideal long-term. We have wireshark data indicating the PLC is requesting the port to open on the server, the server is seeing the request and opening the port, but then the port is immediately closing.

I’ve followed the PDF on how to connect to a PC on the remote WAN side but that didn’t resolve the issue.


Can you please provide a backup of the eWON in question?

Here is the backup requested.

eWON.tar (18 KB)


Can we possibly have a call to look at this over Teamviewer possibly? Your network is somewhat atypical and I have a feeling there is a routing issue within the networks itself.

To wrap this up, the issue actually appeared to simply be a few missed settings.

The best bet for these features would be to follow the docs explicitly.