Allenbradley controlnet to ethernet gateway help

we have an allen bradley 1768-l43 cpu we are upgrading.
we are upgrading to a 1769-l33er

the issue we have is the old system has some controlnet point I/o
the new cpu does not support controlnet communications.

our distrubitor sold us a anybus-x ab7673-f gateway
the idea is to map the controlnet to the plc via Ethernet ip

I have set up a test bench with 1 controlnet point io direct to the anybus gateway. the gateway controlnet network has a green light. the point io has been configured but its network light is flashing green.
I have set the gateway ip address
I have added the gateway into the plc io tree.

from here im lost as to what I need to do.

im not convinced this is the correct setup.

can you please help.

Are you aware that you are using the Eth/IP Scanner device (master) instead of the Eth/IP Adapter (slave)?

What Controlnet devices are you connecting to? AB7673-F is typically used to map Eth/IP slave devices to a Controlnet control system.

thanks for the reply.
im aware that is a scanner.
this is just the unit our supplier told us we needed.

all we need to do is map 1 bank of point io on controlnet to an Ethernet ip processor.
the point io consists of
1 x 1734-acnr
1 x 1734-ib8
1 x 1734-ob8
1 x 1734ie2c

it sounds like we have been sold the wrong item

does that sound right?
what do we actually need?

You are going to want the Ethernet/IP Adapter (slave) in order to map the IO to an EIP controller. See the AB7834.

But, if you are in Australia as your IP shows, I would recommend also opening a case in our ticketing system (, which will get you in touch with your local office. is operated by the Americas region, so you’ll need to contact your local support office in order to work with your distributor.

the slave option looks like what we want on the Ethernet side.

but however.

can the controlnet side map io data from point io to the gateway then to the plc with out a controlnet scanner in the system?
we will only have 1 x point io bank and the gateway on the controlnet network. there is no scanner.

You would need a ControlNet scanner to pull data from the IO, which unfortunately, we don’t offer.