Allowing machine on EWON side allow to connect to PC connected to Ewon remotely

Hello, here is the situation:

I have port 1 set on a PLC. I have port 2 set on a Fanuc robot.

I have port 4 set to WAN on the Ewon, this works nicely and my PC can connect to the LAN through it. From the PC, I can connect to the PLC or the robot just fine.

The problematic is that for a debugging HMI to help with development, we have the PLC set to try to connect a PC, and this PC would be the one on port 4. The PLC does not support being the listener, it has to be the one trying to connect to an open socket.

Any help would be appreciate!

Thank you for your time.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what the problem is. The PC has to be connected to the WAN network or is it connected over the VPN (using eCatcher)?

It is connected over the VPN using eCatcher, it can ping and connect via whatever software to the PLC and Robot, view their status live, update them, etc…

But the PLC cannot ping the PC that is on VPN using eCatcher. If we connect a PC on the third open port on LAN, and we use nmap and do a quick scan of the network, from the LAN side, we only see the PLC, the robot, the temporary PC on port 3 and the Ewon’s IP, all within 1ms.

If I do the same using the PC that is connected over VPN, it sees PLC, the Robot and the temporary PC with ping of 70ms or so, but not itself. The ip the virtual network adapter used gets an IP in a completely difference IP range (10.xx) while we use (192.168.xx.xx), is there a way to control what will be the IP address of virtual adapter?

Right, because the remote PC is not part of the LAN network. It has a VPN network IP address, which is NAT’d to the LAN network.

No. Are you using the PCs VPN address in the PLC? If not, try that first.

You might need to change the routing settings on the Ewon to NAT and TF on VPN, making a static route from the LAN to the VPN network, and using the PCs VPN address to see if that works.

You’ll need to change NATitf in the comcfg.txt settings to 1: