Antenna Washdown Ratings


I am looking at using wifi Cosys and an Anybus wireless access point (IP30 model) on a system. In particular I’m looking into how to mount the antennas for those devices on the exterior of the enclosures, but the enclosures are in washdown environments and rated as UL 4X.

What are the washdown and environmental ratings for the antennas? I could not find NEMA, UL, or IP ratings on the website for them.


Hi @JDennis ,

I would recommend reaching out to your distributor for details on the IP ratings. They should be able to provide you with additional details.

Here is some details I know of myself. The AWB5142 is IP67 rated while the AWB5141 is IP30 rated. The AWB3000 is also IP65 rated along with the Bolt AWB2030 once mounted is IP67. The bolt can be mounted with a standard M50 hole.
I am not sure antennas we offer are specifically IP rated. I believe the issue is usually with getting the antenna and wiring outside the enclosure.