Anybus 7072, COMLI, Modbus TCP


I have recently purchased an Anybus 7072, the purpose is to read values from 2 devices using RS485 and the COMLI protocol. I have set up the communication with the COMLI devices, following the instruction video:

My devices are on slave address 2 and 4, I will read from register 76 and a quantity of 30 values. I have not tried the setup in the field yet. However I do not know how I will read this information from the PLC (Modbus TCP). In the fieldbus side the IO Size is set to automatic, but where do I know what Modbus registers to read, and what information is in which register?

I have attached my configuration.

Br VegardHVS_Comli.cfg (16.0 KB)

You will want to look at the memory location of the data objects and then look up the modbus register mapping in the user guide.

You can also see in the second image showing the subnet monitor your data is colliding. You will want to move your transaction for the second node to a different memory area. Starting it at 0x060 would place it just after the first transaction.


Ok, thank you for the reply.

I made a change in the configuration. There is still one collission:

Are some parts of the area reserved? If I check node monitor, there is a value that keeps changing:

The subnetwork is not connected at this time. Based on the current configuration, is it correct that the modbus adresses I can read from my PLC is holding registers starting at 30001 and until the end of both the subnetworks. 30060? I am bit confused. I want to read my values as integers, but the datalength is set up in bytes.

I have attached the revised configuration.

Br VegardHVS_Comli.cfg (16.0 KB)

It looks like you have thee Statistic counter mapped to byte 2.

Disabling this should resolve your issue.

Thanks, I wanted to keep the counters, so I moved the first datalocation. I marked both you responses as solutions. I will go on site in the next couple of days and test my configuration.

Br Vegard

Hi again.

I have not been able to read values from the field equipment yet. I am trying to read values starting at register 76 and 4 registers (as a start). I have followed the youtube tutorial for setting up a COMLI protocol communication, but I am unable to read any values.

If there are any values present, will I be able to read them using the node monitor? image

Can you have a look at my configuration and try to help me understand the information in the log files?HVS_Comli_tutorial_settings.cfg (16.0 KB) log.txt (29.4 KB)

Br Vegard

Hello @vytreboe,

I am not familiar with the COMLI protocol, but it dont think your configuration is exactly correct.
Looking at the messages in your received message I see several bytes that do not match the response setup in your config. The data is only consumed when the response message matches the response configuration. You might need to modify your configuration to match the message or add additional data objects to take into account data that changes.