Anybus AB7007 loose comms when placed on a DIN RAIL

I have an Anybus AB7007 Communicating with 4 Mixers in a Water Treatment plant.
When the module is placed on the panel`s Din Rail, it start loosing communication and retain it back continuously.
It is noted that when i covered the module from the back with Duct Tape and placed it in the Din rail, the problem stopped, but of course the customer wont allow the Duct tape to be in the panel.
What would be a possible reason for this occurance.


I would check the physical connections of the unit.

What looses connections? Is it the ethernet side or the serial side?

I dont think its the connections because i dont loose communications when i hold the module with my hand and not mounted on the DIN Rail


It could be electrical interference on the DIN rail that is causing those issues. Does the communication drop only when placed on the DIN rail?

Yes sir,
The communication drop ONLY when placed on the DIN rail.

Can you check for ESI interference from nearby devices, and on the Din rail?

Placement of the device should not cause issue to the software unless there is an outside factor.


Thanks Kevin.
I will be onsite again tomorrow and will check if there is any other devices causing the noise/Interference.
Will keep you posted.


I would check the grounding with the DIN rail and the device. It could be an issue that the spring the back of the unit is grounding out through the rail.