Anybus AB7317 offline

We have a AB7317 where the profinet stays offline. We used the configuration already 2 times without problem. We already changed the profinet cable, all other devices are communicating without problem on the same profinet network. Restarting, download config are not helping. Can somebody give me advise what the problem is?

Hello Theo!

You have an AB7317 that’s an Anybus Communicator CAN - PROFINET.

The config you are using has Data Objects configured for the Can Subnet side?

  • Please make a screenshot of the Address Overview.
    (This shows the Data that will be exchanged with the Profinet side)

Here is a Description of the LED’s

First thing to check would be LED 6:
Does the Communicator recognise the Configuration as a Valid configuration (not blinking red and green alternatingly)

Next would be LED 2
This is an LED of the Profinet side. What does the LED say?

The Documentation and GSDML File can be found here:

How many bytes have you configured on the Profinet side?
Does this match exactly with the number of bytes in the Address Overview?
You should not configure even one byte more in the Profinet Master.
Do you have a screenshot of your Profinet master configuration?


Hello Technical support,

This is the third identical system and the previous two are working fine.

I did see online that the CAN was sending data.

On the profinet side all data was zero.

If I remember me correct (I will check beginning next week when we also will have a spare module):


LED 2: Green

LED 3: Green flash

LED 5: Green

LED 6: Green

I did see the CAN

Met vriendelijke groeten / Best regards,

Theo Cadee
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Hello Technical support,

We tried the spare anybus module and this one is working.

Met vriendelijke groeten / Best regards,

Theo Cadee

Hello Theo,

  • could you make a Screenshot of Tools > Diagnostics/ Status? of the Communicator where you get a Profinet Connection but only zeroes.
    The whole Window would be good. (especially all parts about Firmware)
  • Please also add the configuration (even if it works perfectly in another Communicator)

When you click on your consume. What is your setting for Offline Option?
I have seen you have many Can Frames below 1 Consume Entry. Is Consistency Check disabled?
What is the Offline Timeout time?

Do you always get zeros on the Profinet side or just after some time and then it will stay 0
or will there be sometimes 0’s and sometimes normal Values?
Or have you never received a Value other than 0 with that Communicator.

I can also see that you have Produces. Does the Can side get Values from the Profinet Side or does that also always stay 0?

From the Description of the LED’s it looks like the Profinet Connection is setup Properly and PLC and Device communicate properly.
The settings I mentioned above can cause 0’s to appear. So I need some details on how this is setup.
Please also answer the questions on when and how long the 0es appear. Does it work normally directly after a reboot?

best regards

anybusOffline.hcg (4.2 KB)
The module is replaced and working and the cabinet is packed and will soon be shipped.
The broken module is send back to our cabinet builder, it was a new module.
With monitor/modify I could see the values on CAN side changing and on Profinet side all zero.
On both side I have a watchdog counter counting from 1-1000.

Hello Theo,

in the Consume: Consistency check is enabled.
This means the Values to the Profinet side will remain 0 (or the last known value if all of them arrived before) until all of the Frames defined below the Consume have arrived one time.
Then all of the values will be updated.
If one of the Frames updates less frequently than the others (for example Can ID 00000900 is send less frequently than the others).
As long as Consistency check is enabled the Data will wait for the Frame with Can ID 00000900 to be updated and only then update the Data of all the frames below the Consume to the Profinet side.

  • Please disable consistency check or move the Frames to separate Consumes to Update each frame as it arrives.

From the manual:

Please check if disabled Consistency check solved the problem.
If not please register a Support Case online:
and prepare to show the Support Engineer the problem via TeamViewer.
(Both sides Profinet PLC and Communicator Can)


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Hello Franziska,

We replaced the module with a spare one and the new one is working without any problems.

So we send the broken module back to our cabinet builder.

The data send is (and should be) always consistent.

For me the problem is solved.

Thank you for your help.

Met vriendelijke groeten / Best regards,