Anybus AB7318B and Relion Battery


I have an Anybus AB7318B that I am using to connect to a single relion battery pack (see attached CAN specification). I have been unable to get these two devices talking effectively, could you provide guidance on the best way to set up the adapter to receive message 0x5FF that is broadcast on a 15s cyclic basis?


~John Zevenbergen

Relion Battery - CANbus Specification REV A[2].pdf (326 KB)

The first step is to make sure it’s wired correctly and you have the correct CAN settings, like baud rate, address size, etc.

Did you add the resistors?

If you have a USB-to-CAN device than you can see the CAN traffic on your PC. If not, you can use the Line Listener in the Configuration Manager.

Create a Consume Transaction for ID 0x5FF and make sure to use the correct data size and you should be able to see the data.