Anybus AB7671- weighing application


We are making an application using a Siemens S7-400 controller over profibus DP that need to be integrated to a weighing scale over Ethernet/IP.

The solution for this case is using a AB7671 gateway (Profibus DP Slave / Ethernet/IP Scanner). Do this work when using class 3 CIP messages in ethernet for the weighing scale?

Hi @Chanlucas,

Unfortunately, the Anybus Ethernet/IP Scanner only supports Class 1 connections for I/O data. It only supports class 3 connections toward the message router. There is no way to configure MSG Instructions. See page 24 of the Scanner Manual.

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Hello Kyle,

My mistake, the communications are class 1 connection. The application covers a Siemens S7-400 controller with a weighing scale. The Siemens S7 is on a Profibus DP network and the weighing scale is on Ethernet/IP Class 1. The AB7671 works, right?

Yes, this is the correct device to connect an Ethernet/IP Adapter to a Profibus PLC. You will need the Connection Points for the Input and Output Assemblies in order to configure the Anybus Eth/IP Scanner. You can usually find these in the Adapters documentation, or in it’s EDS file.