Anybus AB7840

I Need Communication Between PLC Schneider M580 With Ethernet ,Anybus Gateway and Momentum
PLC SChneider is Ethernet and Mmentums Is Modbus Plus
i do not know howa to configure Gateway to Add nodes

Hi @shehab_nabil,

Have you taken a look at the application notes from this devices’ download page?


I Need Connect between PLC Schneider M580 And Momentums By Anybus
i need to know The steps to add 4 Nods by the same deep switch

yes sir but i need know howa to insert 4 address nodes at the same time

I believe that this device only supports point to point connections so I don’t think that you’ll be able to have multiple nodes writing to this device at the same time, but you may be able to do this by having them write to the device at separate times. I’m trying to find a solution on this part now

It looks like with Global data it is limited to one node, but with point to point data you should be able to have multiple nodes:


See section 3.3 of the following doc:

sorry i need a clear answer
could i connect many nodes at the same Time ?

i need know how to configure the register

You should be able to connect to multiple nodes at once, but which registes are you trying to configure?

i dont know
can you help me how to detect the register ?

which kind of registers can i use it to connect many devices?
and how configure it?

Hi @shehab_nabil,

Sorry for the delay on this, I think I missed your response. Is this still an issue or is this resolved?