Anybus ABS-ETN 100/100 2204-2.1.1 M00539

I am working with an Anybus Option FieldBus Interface Module, Part#: ABS-ETN 100/100 2204-2.1.1 M00539. I was trying to upload the configuration file from the module using HyperTerminal with a serial connection. The Hyperterminal interface remain blank after the connection was established. Could you please provide a instruction of how to use HyperTerminal or provide a installation file for ABC Config Tool for Anybus FieldBus?

Thank you.

Hello @CalC,

I spoke to you on the phone earlier today. To recap that call this is getting configured though the host application. So the device it is embedded in is configuring the IO side.

In our older X-gateway you could connect to the carrier board though hyper terminal and set up the IO. For a device embedded in other devices it would be that host device setting up the IO. You will need to contact the OEM for the device the card to get the IO sizes