Anybus Bolt DHCP Relay Configuration

Hi everyone,

I need help configuring the DHCP relay server. The goal is to give wireless capabilities to an end device that only has an ethernet port.

Bolt is on firmware 2.04.04.

Throughout the configuration process, I get “Communication error, press OK to retry” so I’m never quiet sure settings have stuck. I’m using a clean Internet Explorer install.

I’ve had no success following configuration example A.4 Ethernet network to existing WLAN - WLAN Settings for Small Office/Home Office Network. Enterprise Network steps appear to be incompatible because I need DHCP and it asks for a cloned IP address?

The steps don’t mention what interface should be selected:

The following implies the interface drop down shouldn’t be available in DHCP Relay mode:

But that seems to be contradicted by the following:

Over the past 2 days I’ve tried various combinations of:

  • DHCP Relay (all, ethernet, wireless interfaces)
  • Layer 2 MAC Clone Only (IP left at
  • Layer 3 IP Forward

The only times I’ve been able to establish a connection is with AT commands:
ATWSBM=<Layer 3 IP Forward>*
The results aren’t reliable and the end device doesn’t always get assigned an IP address. I also lose access to the Bolt Web interface and need to factory reset it for every attempt at configuration.


The following App note should provide you with step by step directions to connect a device to an existing wifi infrastructure.

hms-scm-1202-079.pdf (