AnyBus Bolt Eathernet and WLAN issues

HI, I’m having an issue with my bolt after I used the rest button to reset to factory settings.
I wired the Ethernet and I cant get any communication to my computer to set it up and its SSID does not show up in my wifi list so I’m not sure what I need to do to make it work. It will not show up in any of the HMS IP programs either which is to be expected I cant seem to communicate with it .Any help would be appreciated

Hello @ASOMSAK ,

A common issue with these devices is that the Ethernet cable is not terminated correctly.

Make sure you are stripping enough bare wire so the copper is making connection in the connector. Also make sure you are following pinout as shown in the user manual in section 4.3. hms-scm-1202-007.pdf (

If you are using a cable that is already terminated you may need to make sure it is using the T568A standard.