Anybus Bolt loosing connection


I have a wireless bolt that is loosing connection. It is configured as an access point with a default gateway. Bolt 1 for Hormann.dat (672 Bytes)

Not only am I not getting the routed networks, but at the same time I loose connection to its default gateway.
I just flashed it up to version 2 with the same results.


Hello, I have a couple of questions on this access point.

  • Is this device on the most recent firmware: 2.0.2?

For RJ45 model
For 18 Pin model

  • Is this device setup to be a bluetooth or wifi access point?
  • Is this device stationary?
  • Are the devices connecting to it stationary?
  • Is the device in a metal room?
  • Are there other wireless networks running in the same region as this device and if so are they on 2.4GHz or 5GHz?
  • Is the device losing connection at certain times or is it consistently losing connection?