Anybus Bolt roaming issues


we are using an Anybus Bolt device on a mobile vehicle to connect the vehicle to the infrastructure Wifi. There are multiple Access Points in the environment, therefore it is critical for the roaming to work efficiently.

However, we have problems that the Bolt does not roam at all. Using AT commands, we have set the following roaming parameters:
Register 4000: 1 (Trig on RSSI)
Register 4002: 5
Register 4003: -65
Register 4004: 0 (Fast roaming not supported on the Wifi network)

Do you have any suggestion why the roaming does not work for our configuration ?

We also have some other devices in our lab and they roam as expected in our environment, thus we are sure that the problem is in the Bolt device.

Hello @betandwin88,

It would be best to first verify that you have the latest firmware on the bolts. Do you have FW 2.0.12? We had issues with previous firmware version where roaming did not work as expected.

If you set the ATS regsiters back to the default does roaming work? Have you also verified the RSSI level is dropping below the threshold?



Hello @deryck_hms,

thanks for the answer.
We have verified that our device runs on FW 2.00.12 [14:42:28,Dec 13 2019].
When the registers are set to the default values, the roaming still does not work.
We have verified the RSSI level, it does drop below the specified value. As I sad, other devices roam as expected in our environment.

Do you have any other suggestions for us to try ? This is really a deal breaker for us, if the roaming does not work, we can not use Anybus Bolt in our application.

Looking forward to your answer.


Hi @betandwin88,

What do you see for results when you run AT*WSCHL? in the AT command window? Are the other AP’s RSSI level high enough to connect to?

You can also submit a case on . This will open a case with your local support team they might have some suggestions and could open an issue with the development team in necessary.