Anybus Bolt will not retain change in configuration

I was trying to make a change to an AnybusWireless Bolt through the web interface. I was able to get on and change the IP address and Default Gateway (IP address changed 3rd and 4th octet, Default Gateway changed from values to, I clicked “Save and Reboot” and waited for the web page to reload on the new IP address (of course, could not connect). I moved the Ethernet cable to a different network with the same requisite configuration, but I could not connect through the new IP address on the new network. But if I move the Ethernet cable back to the first network and try to connect to the “old” IP address the web interface page comes up and all the changes have been reverted.

Do I have to reset to factory or is there something weird going on that can be resolved?

Hi Jack,

Can you try and change the devices IP address using HMS IPConfig? and see if the device responds to pings on that new IP address after you make the change?

It should be in the software section of the page below:


It would appear as though the Bolt MUST operate with a default gateway defined. Once I input values instead of 0s for the default gateway, I was able to set and retain the configuration changes.

After installing HMS IPconfig, I attempted to change the IP configuration of the Bolt. I changed the 3rd and 4th octet of the IP address (which was not the factory default), and removed the default gateway (which was not the factory default) by entering because the new network does not have a default gateway assigned and there is no password assigned to the device so I left the password field empty.

When I clicked “Apply” I got a dialogue box stating “Error: Failed to apply the configuration”

Hi Jack,

Sorry for the delay, are you all set with the device for now then?

It would appear so, thanks.