Anybus CAN master and Ethernet/IP slave



I am designing a system which uses a CAN-based controller (Eaton HFX20) and a motor driver (Tolomatic ACS) which communicates by Ethernet/IP. Does the “Anybus Communicator CAN - EtherNet/IP” facilitate a CAN master device with an Ethernet/IP slave? Sorry if this is a simplistic question, I am not familiar with device communication protocols and associated technology. Just trying to verify if this gateway will work with my system.

Thank you!


Hi @pilac008,

The Anybus Communicator CAN - EthIP is a CAN Master to EthIP slave gateway, which allows you to connect your CAN slave devices to an EthIP control system. What you need is an EthIP Scanner (Master) to CAN slave gateway. The closest we have would be the AB7677, but that is a CANOpen slave which may not be compatible with the Eaton HFX.

I will check with @us_sales, and see if they are aware of anything which would work with a CAN controller.




I pulled up the spec sheet on this Eaton HFX series and it looks like CANopen may be a communication option. You would want to verify with Eaton that this could communicate as a CANopen Master though. If it does then the AB7677 is the gateway that you would need for this: