Anybus CANopen Master Simulator with PEAK USB device (019920)

I’m interested in reading/graphing data from CanOpen device… is there a version of Anybus’ “CANopen Master Simulator” that can be purchased that will work with the PEAK USB controller?

(I downloaded the trial version of the software ( v1.2.2 from 2007) but it does not detect the PEAK USB)


Hi @blipton,

I just opened up the CANOpen Master Simulator on my PC and I think you might have the default settings for Baud Rate and Current Slave Address, are you sure those parameters match up for your device?

Thanks, my baud/slave address looks correct, however, looking at the CAN_H/L lines from the Peak device, I don’t see any activity.

Looking at the file download page, it lists a PCAN .dll driver. However, the Peak USB works with other software (PCAN-View).not sure how or if I need to install the one listed on the page:

Can you try and download the driver listed in page you linked and see if that makes a difference in the connection?

Thanks, I placed the DLL in the same folder as CANSim.exe, and got a new message:

It looks like the application can’t be tested with the PEAK USB. Since the only documentation appears to be the “datasheet”, and that doesn’t show any pictures of the application… is there a user guide, or any video / documentation with screenshots on how the program operates?

I don’t think that we have any kind of additional documentation on this, but I’ll check with sales and development and see what I can find

It appears we have a help menu included in the software:




The “CANopen Master Simulator” is over 10 years old, I’m surprised no one has made any video for it on youtube.

unfortunately, purchasing a $1369 software program without testing it, nor seeing any examples of it in action, is a bit too risky for me.

Sorry about that, I’ll try and see if there’s any other info I can find for this software