Anybus Communicator CAN SN: A03C0EB6


I’m having problems trying to communicate the A03C0EB6 to a Rockwell CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet/IP,

I will use this to communicate to a CAN protocol device, do you have a configuration that I could follow?



Do you have the article number of the device, for example AB7318?


Hello, Yes it is the AB7318,

I need to send from the PLC to a device connected by CAN this type of command for example :



Hello Kyle,

It is actually the AB7318,
I have downloaded the EDS file,

I need to send a command like this:

And will receive something like this:

Can you help me out to have the right configuration?


Hello Kyle,

Im using actually the AB7318, connected to a Compactlogix through Ethernet/IP, on the CAN I have a Hamilton device that requires commands like this one: in order to respond and do its thing.

So far I have it connected to the PLC and communicating, but I think the configuration is not right.

Also, do you have an AOI?

Thanks for the support.


Have you already checked the files and documentation page?