Anybus communicator configuration cable

I have a Anybus Communicator (AB7013) and have no configuration cable. I want to upload the configuration from it. I have made one using the wiring diagram from the PROFINET manual using a RJ9 and a 9 pin D type male connector.
The ACM doesn’t find a module. So A) the cable set up is wrong, B) I’m using ACM incorrectly. The serial port is set as (9600, 8, none, 1, none) but I don’t know the configuration of the Communicator.

Can we purchase just a configuration cable without buying a new Communicator?



Yes the cable can be bought separately. the part number is SP1171 which is the Sub-DB9 male connector.


Thank you for getting back.
I have spoken to a supplier, and this part number is (have you said) just for the Sub-DB9 male connector. How do I order the cable, and the RJ11 connector? Or is this part number the RJ11 connector, cable and Sub-DB9 connector?

It is the programming cable where one side is the RJ11 and the other is a DB9 connector.