Anybus communicator disconnect node


lets suppose that I have 10 transactions in a single node and during the process of this 10 transactions node times out and after performing the “retries” parameter communicator assume that node is disconnected.
Does communicator will try to perform the remaining transactions ?


Hello @Vitor_Barros,

If one request fails the communicator will continue to try the other transactions. Each Query has a reconnect time, retries, and timeout time. These are used for each transaction to determine when the transaction will be halted for the reconnect time.

We specify that the node will be disconnected but I believe it is just the individual transaction that is disabled for the reconnect time delay. I am checking with my colleagues in Sweden to verify this.



Hi @Vitor_Barros,

The Communicator will continue to cycle thought the transactions as long as it receives a response, this includes an error response. If the node does not respond it will be considered disconnected for the reconnect time as previously mentioned.



Thank you very much !