Anybus CompactCom M40 IRT profinet - doesn't wakeup after firmware update

Hi. I have tried to update Anybus CC M40 IRT from firmware version 1.51.01 to 1.59.01 and device doesn’t want to wake-up. There is no possible to see it in “Firmware Manager II” as well. What can be done to satrt it up? There is any solution to solve that problem? I urgently ask for support. Sebastian

Hi @sbcontrol ,

What method did you use to update the device? Is it in a starter kit or your host application? If the firmware failed leaving it powered on may allow it to recover itself depending on the issue.

If you have a starter kit you should be able to use that with firmware manager II to reflash the device via the transport providers connection.

If you continue to have issue I recommend opening a support case on