Anybus compactcom m40

We have implemented the Anybus Compact com hardware and the module goes through the INIT phase, WAIT Phase and RUN Phases successfully.
The chipSelect and Write signals are going to the CCOM 40 module(continuous trigger to the write PD call function).
We are operating the module in 16 bit parallel mode.

We now want support how to read and write the process data as simple IO data exchange between Host and the network.
• The Ethernet IP module is not getting recognized with the IP CONFIG software. Is there any issue with the Initialization ?
• How do we select the IP address?
• Presently we have not used the interrupt, do we need to use it.
• In the documents it is given that plain IO exchange can be done using cyclic data read and write. The cyclic data exchange code is not available in the example codes.
• MS and NS Leds are continuously OFF, but the module is powered up correctly and chipSelect and Write signals are visible.

Hello @juhirr03,

If the device is in run mode I would expect you to be able to find the Compactcom with HMS IPconfig. Make sure the software is not getting blocked by a firewall. It should be sending a broadcast message out that Anybus devices respond to. Once it shows you should be able to set the IP address.

Do you have similar issues if you use the starter kit and the windows host application?


Hi Deryck,

The Compactcom m40 Ethernet I/P module goes through the phases of initialization ,wait ,ready for communication and then into run mode.

After initialization the reset pin is pulled high by the driver. After ready for communication interrupt pin is also pulled low and then it goes high before going into run state.

Presently the interrupt is not enabled but we are polling the interrupt pin to go low. In the run phase the function ABCC_Rundriver() does not get any of the events such as

Read process data ,receive message, transmit message or status update. Only the trigger write process data update is done continuously. We are accessing memory directly and it is 16 bit

Parallel operation. We observe continuous chip select signal along with read and write signals going high to low continuously. We also observe data line D5 going high to low continuously.

Rest all data lines are low. MS and NS LED are continuously off.

IPconfig software is working fine with ABIC profinet module. We do not have the starter kit.

We have developed our own board. Host microcontroller is renesas make.

Please guide us on how the message read/write and process data read/write are initiated.Why are the MS and NS led off.

Do we need to do any changes in network related settings.

Hi @juhirr03 ,

If the MS and NS are still off it sounds like you might not have fully initialized the module. Could you get us the debug log? You might not be setting some of the ADI’s and show us where it is stopping.


Hi deryck,

Sorry for delay in reply. Our office was closed for Diwali vacations.

Please find attached debug log. Now sometimes both the LED (MS and NS) glow red.



Your log looks a bit empty this further supports that you are not initializing the module. Since it is only showing ANB_STATUS ABP_ANB_STATE_SETUP we do not even know if you are talking to the module at all. To double check what do you have set TRUE for debugging in abcc_drv_cfg.h ? To possibly help with debugging here are to log files from when I launch the standard application.

Full debug.txt (26.1 KB)
Messaging debug disabled.txt (1.8 KB)

You mentioned it works with “ABIC profinet module” is this with just an IC or is this really an M40? You might want to compare the logs from this device with the Ethernet/IP logs. This might point you towards the issue.

Can you confirm your application is configured to work with EIP or could it be setup for just Profinet? In your log we are not even seeing the network data format. This info should showing up as being checked in the logs, but you could have this disabled if it is just set for profibus.

Lastly, the Ethernet/IP Compactcom could be damaged which is why we are not getting past the STATE_SETUP. Do you have another module to test with?


Dear deryck,

            Please find attached updated debug log. We got the above log when we disabled 16bit char system in abcc_td.h.

Is it possible to have a telephonic conversation as per your convenient time ,so that we can discuss all in detail.

Presently MS and NS led are continuously off. In between they were glowing red, it was due to wrong initialisation of OM1 pin.

But now it is resolved.

We have also printed few messages to debug and check value of different variables as seen in attached debug log.

For a phone call you will want to reach out to your local support team via or though the sales manager you company works with. This forum is run by the HMS support team in the US and your local support would be better suited for a phone call.

To try and continue working forward here; It looks like the device gets through the startup and sends it a message but I do not see the response back. Does the logs stop at the bottom of the picture or is there more info? Do you have a second EIP Compcatcom to test with I am wondering if it could be a malfunctioning compactcom.


The log stops at the same point as shown in picture. I tried with second EIP module, but I am getting the same response.



Hi Juhi,

Looking back over your first post you said “Presently we have not used the interrupt, do we need to use it.” yet your last screen shot the logs seem to indicate that interrupts are enabled. I assume this is being handled though polling. After your first message is sent we are not seeing a response come back. Do you stop polling the interrupt?

Have you edited the debugging? I could not find some of the print statements you have in the standard application so I could not trace what is triggering them. Particularly we were trying to track down where the “intStatus =” were coming from. This would help me understand why the interrupt seems to be working then stop.

Are you planning on having this setup with or with out interrupts setup?

We are also wondering if you could have a 30 series compactcom. ABCC_CFG_DRV_PARALLEL_30 is not supported with the 30 series and could explain the issues you are seeing. What is the devices AB number/code or serial number so I may confirm what product type you are using.


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